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World Cup Opening Ceremony – African Show Stolen by the Americans?

I don’t know what happened in South Africa on the biggest event they have ever hosted; what was that? I have never seen anything so tasteless and boring like what I saw on that world cup opening ceremony.

I was really looking forward to the show especially for me being away from home, I wanted the show to make me homesick and proud. I expected the show to be a showcase of Africa to the world, make other people fall in love with Africa. What I saw was not historic at all. I was wondering if that was actually happening in South Africa, very disappointed.

Not memorable at all, in fact I have even forgotten about it, I’m
trying to remember while writing.

After what their president said, that the world cup is in Africa as a whole and South Africa is just the stage, I was expecting jaw dropping performances from the professional artists they have in South Africa at least. I kept switching back and forth other channels while watching it hoping that at one time I would be dazzled by a show from one of their stunning artists, did not happen.

I mean there is at least one very good artist in every African country, why did we have to get entertained by the Americans? Nothing personal against the Americans, in fact I like all the artists who performed, but do you think if the World cup was in America you would see African artists perform?

I painfully watched the lead singers, singing the American way and the back singers and dancers singing and dancing the African way, completely out of sync.

At least in the end we got to see a sneak peak performance from one of their singers who is one my favorite, although she did not sing her own song.

Were you also disappointed by the event?


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