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We all remember doing paper folding during our early stages in school, the popular ones being paper box, ball and plane. In Kenya kids are taught the paper folding art in Nursery schools which normally stops there .... read more
Was the AIDS Virus Made in the USA?
October 26, 2005 — You mean AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) didn’t come from a green monkey that bit a black African on the ass? Are you lying to us again, Uncle Sam? more
The Menonnite and Amish Communities
Both the Mennonites and Amish originated from Anabaptist movement which arose in the 16th century in Europe in opposition to the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Reformation more
Modeling - Posing Nude
Several years back when I was in Kenya, I used to watch fashion TV channel, it was fascinating to see the fashion trends although some of the styles looked ridiculous and made me wonder who actually more
The Importance of Stupidity in Scientific Research
I recently saw an old friend, We had been Ph.D. students at the same time, both studying science.At some point, the conversation turned to why she had left graduate school. To my utter astonishment, she said after a couple of years of feeling stupid every more
MSG - Slowly Poisoning America or the World?
I recently bought some spices and as usual being on this side of the world I have learned to read the labels and nutritional facts before I ingest myself with unnecessary chemicals. To my surprise I saw MSG as more
Haiti in Brief
Haiti is one of the first countries ever to be conquered by slaves from their European masters. It is also the oldest black republic and the second oldest republic in the western hemisphere after the United States. more
The 'N' Word
Back before I traveled out of Africa, I had no idea that the 'N' word was such a strong negative word and is a big deal to use it. I’m even afraid of writing the word in full because I feel I may offend some people and that is not my intention more
Kenyans Were Given Animal Feeds by the US Gov't
In the nineties there was drought in Kenya and as a result there was shortage of food especially maize (corn) which is highly consumed by many communities. (In Kenya we call it maize, if you say corn people become confused because there are different types more
We all remember doing paper folding during our early stages in school, the popular ones being paper box, ball and plane. In Kenya kids are taught the paper folding art in Nursery schools which normally stops there more
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Belize City in Belize

Belize City from the Caribbean sea shores. It is clearly below the sea level.

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Charities: Do They Reach Those in Need?

I see everyday in the media the ‘celebrities’ and other individuals proudly acknowledging their efforts in helping eradicating poverty in the ‘third world countries’ and I applaud them for that. When I hear the amount of money they donate and give out to charities, I go bananas. I ask myself where does all the money go?

If you give your donations to big organizations then most of the money goes to processing the donations and by the time they reach those in need, more than half of it is gone. That is why others opt for NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organisations).


Windows Live Writer

It is a good tool for writing blogs, could be better but so far, it’s so lousy. I don’t know why Microsoft start something which they are incapable of managing. They cannot even reply the questions asked on the writer’s forum. Maybe it’s overwhelming for them or they’ve made enough money and really don’t care.

There are monthly updates from Microsoft and just two days ago before installing the updates, I had 5 rough posts saved on Windows Live Writer. Whenever I get an idea, I normally write


Create Your Own Blogger Layout

There are so many blogger layouts on the web but not customized the way I want. Everyone have their own taste and preferences. It's not so easy every time I want to change a layout I have to go to the html and do the painful reading through it to understand how it is coded. I'm not an HTML expert just a bit literate. There are also several websites that offer templates that have been converted from Wordpress to Blogger.

I saw a Wordpress layout and really liked it, decided to download the blogger version of it but was a total mess. I have tried so many conversion options online which didn't seem to work.

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Enter Old Belize

Welcoming entrance to Old Belize. Those 2 are real free roaming chickens, I also asked myself what they were doing there.

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101 With a Terror Attack …..Part II

….continuation from the previous post.

The first time we (Kenya) fell victims of a terror attack targeted to the Americans was in 1998 when the terrorists hit US embassy in Nairobi Kenya. At that time the embassy was one of the many offices in the building. Unlike now the embassy is on its own building and compound with a very tight security. When the attack happened, it was so surreal because I had never heard of any bomb attack in the soils of my country, only what we used see in the television and movies and never thought  it could happen to us.

When we later on learned that it was targeted to the Americans, it didn't make sense

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101 With a Terrorist Attack Survivor in Kenya

I was talking with this lady in a beauty salon, chit-chatting while she was servicing me. As the conversation progressed and felt free to talk about anything, I noticed that she has scars of what looked like deep cuts and burns on her arms. I asked her what happened and she told me she is a terrorist bomb attack survivor of a hotel that was hit by terrorists almost 10 years ago in Kenya. She told me that she used to work there and the attack was so sudden. She went ahead and lifted her blouse to show me the marks and scars on her

I wanted to know if they were compensated - of course I expected them to be – they were injured while working. A beach hotel being their employer, I thought they must

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Violence Aftermath in Kenya

After a post election violence or any kind of violence in my country Kenya or any so called 'third world' countries, there are travel bans in all developed world embassies. Tourist are scared and warned to stay away. Funny enough there are no bans imposed on the developed world countries after terror attacks. In fact tourists are encouraged to visit to see the after math.

When I was on my way from Belize to Kenya in Jan 2008, the officer at the Immigration (not Belize, in other country which I was in transit) was surprised  and thought I was crazy to be going to Kenya because they have seen in the media there