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Modeling - Posing Nude

Several years back when I was in Kenya, I used to watch fashion TV channel, it was fascinating to see the fashion trends although some of the styles looked ridiculous and made me wonder who actually wears that. But lady Gaga gave me the answer to that question.

While watching the channel there were several times especially at night, we would see photo shoot of the models being taken and sometimes, the models were nude. I was shocked you know, I knew the purpose of modeling is to sell the product be it clothes or accessories, I wondered what nudity has to do with that because when they are nude then what are they selling?

Then when America’s next top model started airing, in the first season some of the girls were also surprised like me when they were told that they have to pose nude. Some of them stuck with their integrity and values there were brought up with and refused to pose nude. I know Tyra always tries to explain why they have to pose nude and sometimes with just the body paints, but I still don’t get it and don’t think I’ll ever will.

For me there is only one explanation for posing nude, it means you are selling your body, your telling people look at my naked body. It looks like some form of soft prostitution.  

What do the fashion industry think would happen if they stopped mandating the girls and young men to pose nude. Do the potential buyers really need to see nude photos of models in order to buy the product?


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