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We all remember doing paper folding during our early stages in school, the popular ones being paper box, ball and plane. In Kenya kids are taught the paper folding art in Nursery schools which normally stops there .... read more
Was the AIDS Virus Made in the USA?
October 26, 2005 — You mean AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) didn’t come from a green monkey that bit a black African on the ass? Are you lying to us again, Uncle Sam? more
The Menonnite and Amish Communities
Both the Mennonites and Amish originated from Anabaptist movement which arose in the 16th century in Europe in opposition to the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Reformation more
Modeling - Posing Nude
Several years back when I was in Kenya, I used to watch fashion TV channel, it was fascinating to see the fashion trends although some of the styles looked ridiculous and made me wonder who actually more
The Importance of Stupidity in Scientific Research
I recently saw an old friend, We had been Ph.D. students at the same time, both studying science.At some point, the conversation turned to why she had left graduate school. To my utter astonishment, she said after a couple of years of feeling stupid every more
MSG - Slowly Poisoning America or the World?
I recently bought some spices and as usual being on this side of the world I have learned to read the labels and nutritional facts before I ingest myself with unnecessary chemicals. To my surprise I saw MSG as more
Haiti in Brief
Haiti is one of the first countries ever to be conquered by slaves from their European masters. It is also the oldest black republic and the second oldest republic in the western hemisphere after the United States. more
The 'N' Word
Back before I traveled out of Africa, I had no idea that the 'N' word was such a strong negative word and is a big deal to use it. I’m even afraid of writing the word in full because I feel I may offend some people and that is not my intention more
Kenyans Were Given Animal Feeds by the US Gov't
In the nineties there was drought in Kenya and as a result there was shortage of food especially maize (corn) which is highly consumed by many communities. (In Kenya we call it maize, if you say corn people become confused because there are different types more
We all remember doing paper folding during our early stages in school, the popular ones being paper box, ball and plane. In Kenya kids are taught the paper folding art in Nursery schools which normally stops there more
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Voting Behaviour: Everyone Has a Box

Now that the elections are around the corner for Kenyans, do you already know who you will vote for in the coming general elections? Is your choice of political party influenced by your personal reasons or a set of external factors? Are you one of the late-deciders making your choice in the moment you see the ballot paper?

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Should I Buy Those Cheap/Fake Sunglasses?

Many times when walking along the streets and in some stores I have been distracted and pulled by the cheap sunglasses stand. They look sleek and always convince myself nobody would even notice I’m wearing cheap glasses. The thought of any damage that can be cause by them is normally out of question, does not even ring my mind. Just out of curiosity I wanted to find out how cheap are those cheap sunglasses? Will my eyes be damaged from wearing such sunglasses? How does the eye respond to different light conditions?

The eye regulates the amount of light entering it by adjusting the size of the

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Kenyans Love Money

Except me of course :-)

Immediately after launching my blog two years ago, I embarked on a mission to connect with other Kenyan bloggers. The task of finding my fellow Kenyans with similar interests as mine proved difficult. I was eventually disappointed and resigned the search after realizing there were none.

I have never come across a Kenyan who blogs without the ulterior motive of making money at the end of the day (I mean Kenyans who live in Kenya not outside). Kenyans do not see any point of starting and maintaining a blog just for the sake of blogging.

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What is High Fructose Corn Syrup?

I have been hearing all the buzz about High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and just like everyone, believed what I see in the media. But then there are always conflicting advertisements made by the producers of HFCS to confuse the consumer. Amid the confusion I decided to read the facts and make my own decision.

I knew HFCS is not good for anyone's healthy and doctors have said it over and over again. It is absolutely not natural; natural product is the one you consume straight from nature, one that doesn't need to undergo any chemical procedure to transform it.When you eat any food that has HFCS you become hungry again within a very short time

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Are You Dying for the Hit?

The reason I started blogging is to learn and share my experiences, what I knew before and after exploring the world a bit I believe I can say so. I expected to have some readers of course, maybe one in a day at least.

I was surprised of the rewards, I have many readers, more than I anticipated and my writing has improved so much.  I never knew my writing would impress so many, thank you for reading my blog over and over again and always appreciate your comments.

What turns me off when it comes to blogging are those people who want to be friends with you then beg you to click on their blogs and back-link them. I mean, they are

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The Native Americans

The Native Americans are the owners of the American continent and were the only occupiers of the continent before the European Christopher Columbus discovered it accidentally on his way to India. He ended up calling the people Indians believing that he was in India.

Most people are curious to know about Belize, Central and South America in general because very little is known about these places. They want to know how the people look like, even I was curious the first time I knew I’ll be traveling there. I wanted a preview of how life is there, what is the culture and such things.

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Traveling the Alchemist Way

After my arrival in Kenya, most of my friends were excited to see me as well as envying my opportunity of traveling half way around the world. They were telling me how lucky I was having traveled and got to know all those countries. I did not fully agree with them.

There is a big difference in the way people used to travel in the olden or if I may say ancient times compared to modern days. During ancient days all you needed was a bit of savings to take you to the next stop and maybe u have to stay there, work a bit

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We all remember doing paper folding during our early stages in school, the popular ones being paper box, ball and plane. In Kenya kids are taught the paper folding art in Nursery schools during which children are very young to learn and take anything that is so diverse seriously. So it normally stops there and most people take it as a children art. I never knew that very complex structures and models can be made using a flat sheet of paper.

The history of origami is under debate. Unlike other art forms, paper degrades quickly leaving no artifacts to suggest where origami originated and who first invented it.

Origami is believed to be a Japanese compound word which means “paper folding.”

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Ugali - Kenyan Staple Food - is Tamales in Belize

There was a time I was watching Oprah and she was talking about the poor Kenyans and their staple food Ugali. She pathetically said how people eat ugali and that it is just a corn meal. What she missed or was not told is that ugali alone does not make a complete meal; eating ugali on its own is like eating pasta without sauce, or potatoes without sauce, of course that would be tasteless.  Ugali is normally eaten with a sauce and greens most preferably; the tastier the sauce the more enjoyable the Ugali. Okay back to ugali in Belize.

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Martin Air Experience

I’m now back in Kenya after a couple of long arduous flights. This time I travelled with Martin air. Immediately after buying my ticket I was frequently on their website checking on my flight status which I did not get. Instead got information on other websites which troubled me alot.

I was able to find Martin Air flights status from another website  as well as their ratings. So many people were complaining about their services from their seats, seating arrangement, flight delays and so on. I was worried and wondered what I’ve got myself into especially because my ticket involved several connecting flights. There was nothing