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The Native Americans

The Native Americans are the owners of the American continent and were the only occupiers of the continent before the European Christopher Columbus discovered it accidentally on his way to India. He ended up calling the people Indians believing that he was in India.

Most people are curious to know about Belize, Central and South America in general because very little is known about these places. They want to know how the people look like, even I was curious the first time I knew I’ll be traveling there. I wanted a preview of how life is there, what is the culture and such things.

Well I was in for a big surprise; people look completely different from what I was thinking. You know the Mexican soaps are very popular in East Africa as they are considered to be family shows. The soaps don’t show hot steamy scenes and majority would not feel embarrassed watching with their parents. But like in the Indian movies, the Mexican actors and actresses are filtered and do not reflect the real Latinos or natives.

Most of the actors are light skinned although the majority or the pure latinos are not. Those light skin Latinos are all mixed races mostly Europeans. The real latinos are dark skinned, short in height and have dark straight hair. Their noses are not long and straight and their native language is not Spanish, they adopted Spanish from their Spain colonizers. There have different tribes and cultures. Although most of them speak Spanish as their first language and mother tongue, there are still other tribes which speak their native language.

Those living out of big cities in the jungle still practice their culture and traditions passed down from generation to generation. There was a  tribe which was recently discovered living in the jungle. This tribe had no contact with the current world even their government did not know they existed. They were spotted by a plane as it was flying over them. In this tribe both men and women were walking naked just patched up their sexual parts. I used to think only Africans used to walk naked, but it is clear that is how early man lived before civilization, just like the ancient cave man.


  1. Sagittarian said...:

    Wow!.. This is awesome! I enjoy reading your post, and I was surprised because I am not familiar too with this topic, but am thankful 'coz you shared it here for us to know more about Native Americans.. Thanks again! Have a wonderful day!

  1. Dirishani said...:

    You are welcome Sag and thanks for the comment.

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