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Are You Dying for the Hit?

The reason I started blogging is to learn and share my experiences, what I knew before and after exploring the world a bit I believe I can say so. I expected to have some readers of course, maybe one in a day at least.

I was surprised of the rewards, I have many readers, more than I anticipated and my writing has improved so much.  I never knew my writing would impress so many, thank you for reading my blog over and over again and always appreciate your comments.

What turns me off when it comes to blogging are those people who want to be friends with you then beg you to click on their blogs and back-link them. I mean, they are
not even interested in your feedback so as to change or improve their writing, they just need a hit. The blog has become a drug to them and they must get hits everyday to feel high. Its like they do not appreciate and value their own work, someone has to do it for them. For those people who grant these people wishes, you are feeding and encouraging their addiction. Read someone's blog if you like it and give genuine reviews as well.

Your writing does not even have to be good, if your message touch people; hits will come automatic.

Off Track: What about the websites you have to subscribe to gain access to information? Don’t you wonder how many subscriptions you would have by now had you subscribed to all of them? I call it subscription mania!!


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