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Traveling the Alchemist Way

After my arrival in Kenya, most of my friends were excited to see me as well as envying my opportunity of traveling half way around the world. They were telling me how lucky I was having traveled and got to know all those countries. I did not fully agree with them.

There is a big difference in the way people used to travel in the olden or if I may say ancient times compared to modern days. During ancient days all you needed was a bit of savings to take you to the next stop and maybe u have to stay there, work a bit
to make some money before proceeding with your journey while exploring the transit town at the same time. By the time you leave the town, you would have known the people, their culture, tradition and their way of life.

These days it’s just hustle and bustle and so much stress. You could be denied entry to a country even if you have enough savings and could pass all the requirements. Just because few people did not follow the right procedure and were able to sneak in a particular country, we all have to pay for it. Even if you are allowed in the country, you end up just staying in a hotel fearing bandits and thugs who can sniff newcomers.

An example of some tourists who come to visit Kenya for one or two weeks and stay all the time in a hotel ‘caged’ or they say protected from the locals and are only able to see what the hotel management authorises. Then they leave Kenya happily and proudly speak in their home country how beautiful Kenya is when in real sense they did not get to see the actual Kenya and do not even know the name of the street which their hotel was.

On the other hand, as travelers we want to be protected, we hear different scary stories everyday and also want to be free and explore the countries we visit. I’m still wondering which is the best way to travel? Take the risk and pack up your bags and explore countries as a backpacker or be secluded in a luxurious hotel with sandy beaches?

The Alchemist is nice short story book but very dynamic detailing traveling during the ancient times and following your dreams. I could read this book over and over again, never get tired of learning the lessons. Maybe because I'm also traveling looking for the Alchemist.


  1. Lyn said...:

    I know what you mean about the way we travel. With these huge chain hotels scattered around in every city, it could feel like a generic, any-place vacation. It is only when you visit the local markets and walk the streets that you really get a sense of the place you are visiting. Kenya is so rich in flavour and beauty, our two week stint was not nearly enough. A return trip is in order because we didn't get to Mombassa. Oh -- the Alchemist is one of my all time favourite reads and I give it as gift every chance I get!

  1. Dirishani said...:

    Thank you lyn for your comment, you are always welcome again in Kenya.

  1. Rawiyah said...:

    Hi Drishani

    I respect your writing style, and enjoy the thought-provoking nature of it, always.

    I have selected you to be recipient of the blogging Sunshine Award.

    Please do collect it from

  1. waltink said...:

    Kenya is great..thanks Dirishani

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