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Martin Air Experience

I’m now back in Kenya after a couple of long arduous flights. This time I travelled with Martin air. Immediately after buying my ticket I was frequently on their website checking on my flight status which I did not get. Instead got information on other websites which troubled me alot.

I was able to find Martin Air flights status from another website  as well as their ratings. So many people were complaining about their services from their seats, seating arrangement, flight delays and so on. I was worried and wondered what I’ve got myself into especially because my ticket involved several connecting flights. There was nothing
I could do except wait and see for myself.

I’m now happy to say the only disappointment I had was at Cancun airport while waiting to check in our baggage. The customer service was so poor, if I was to rate it I would give it below zero (0). Martin Air is also very strict on baggage; you have to pay for any baggage weighing over 23Kg. Their checking in staff had no idea how many baggages I’m allowed to carry and were arguing with me while the information is clearly available on their website. They could also have more details about flights status on their website. Other than that everything was as you would expect from any airline. The flights were on time, seats inside were okay, the food was good and the cabin crew was friendly. I don’t know why some people posted very bad reviews about Martin air.

If I was to travel again Martin air is now added on my list.


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