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Science and Nature

Scientists still have a long way to go before they can render God obsolete. They are yet to decode nature properly. Almost everything they have invented works against nature and harm nature in a big way. They always try to fight with nature trying to prove that there is nothing that is produced naturally they cannot produce and they can do it faster and believe to be better.

For instance all the anti-bacterial household cleaners harm nature; they kill the organisms responsible for the natural process of decomposition thus prevent substances from rotting. If substances are not able to produce
the micro-organisms needed to break them down and eventually turns them to dust, they instead evolve into something else, new super bacteria and viruses which nature and scientists cannot handle.

Science is responsible for the emergence of the drug resistance bacteria and viruses. One day I believe we will really see an alien walking down the earth and that will be us human beings, we will turn ourselves into aliens. The result of trying to prove to nature that there is nothing science cannot reproduce.

Science has not even been able to produce the cure for acne. Acne….can you believe it? Something so small such as acne that existed maybe since the beginning of time has no cure. They just know what causes it and have produced a string of cosmetic products which you have to use everyday. The cosmetics actually does not get rid of them instead makes everything worse because when you stop using these products you’ll have far worse outcome than before. This is the case for many scientific products.

They cannot even reproduce a fly, yet there are people frozen in time (cryonics), hoping that one day science will be able to bring them back to life.

Scientists have to find a way to work with nature instead of working against it. The day science will be able to fully produce substances that are nature friendly and work the same way nature does then that will be their greatest achievement ever.

No doubt amazing things have been achieved through science; however, the more we become advanced in science the deadlier new diseases emerge. That is the price of science advancement, our lives. Sometimes I feel like science is a curse in disguise, for every one good scientific breakthrough accompanies nine negative effects with it.


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