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Windows Live Writer

It is a good tool for writing blogs, could be better but so far, it’s so lousy. I don’t know why Microsoft start something which they are incapable of managing. They cannot even reply the questions asked on the writer’s forum. Maybe it’s overwhelming for them or they’ve made enough money and really don’t care.

There are monthly updates from Microsoft and just two days ago before installing the updates, I had 5 rough posts saved on Windows Live Writer. Whenever I get an idea, I normally write
down roughly and go slowly through them later. Today I wanted to prepare one of the rough posts for publishing on this blog only to realize that the folder in which they were is empty. All my posts are gone!? I could not believe it.

The writer offers saving options and I had the folder  in My Documents which I thought I had the full control. I asked myself why they erase everything on this folder during update without even notifying you? I thought the folder was safe and only I can decide what to do with it. I also had other issues with the writer before and this was my breaking point.

I immediately went to the control panel to uninstall it only to realize that it is not even there. I had to go online to search how to uninstall it, got the instructions from another frustrated user and I was able to remove it for good. What a relief!

I don't know what is wrong with Microsoft but looks like they are digging their own grave? They have more competition now than ever and instead of improving there services they are leading themselves down the trench.

I’m not bothering to post my complain on their forum after seeing all the unanswered questions.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hi Dirishani,

    Did you lose your drafts after a Microsoft update or an update that's specific to Windows Live?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hi Dirishani,

    I work on the Windows Live Writer team and would love to see if we can do anything to help you recover your lost posts and figure out what went wrong. We do care quite a lot when our users run into difficulties using our products.

    Can you post your issue on this forum:

    We'll try to engage with you asap. Our team reads through all the forum posts and we try to help reach resolution as quickly as possible.

    Windows Live Writer team

  1. Laronski said...:

    Where's the images you spoke of?
    The disappearing links?

    Until next time,

  1. Dirishani said...:

    I have realized that you cannot actually uninstall WLW, it is just like deleting the shortcut on your desktop because I found all the setup and running files still in my computer. But my posts are still gone.

  1. Dirishani said...:

    I never got any response from the Windows Live Writer team when I posted my question in the forum they referred me to. And for the one guy who tried to help did not address the actual problem. It's just a waste of time. That is why I never wanted to ask the question in their forum in the first place.

  1. Sunny Day said...:

    I have used Windows Live Writer for about a year and have not had any problems with it. I update as they come out. I still have my posts and drafts in "My Documents" in the folder "My Weblog posts".

  1. Dirishani said...:

    I liked it the moment I started using it but had so many problems with photos uploading and I reached my breaking point when my saved drafts were deleted by the updates. I haven't used it since then.

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