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There are so many blogger layouts on the web but not customized the way I want. Everyone have their own taste and preferences. It's not so easy every time I want to change a layout I have to go to the html and do the painful reading through it to understand how it is coded. I'm not an HTML expert just a bit literate. There are also several websites that offer templates that have been converted from Wordpress to Blogger.

I saw a Wordpress layout and really liked it, decided to download the blogger version of it but was a total mess. I have tried so many conversion options online which didn't seem to work.
Then I just happened to stumble upon some websites that actually give you the opportunity to create your own blogger layout. Some are shallow but Trix Template Generator offers the most dynamic customization. You can customize the background, wrappers, gadgets layout, headers or any CSS coding in the layout. Its kind of fun and interesting to create your own layout without needing HTML knowledge. I like the Trix Template Generator and recommend anyone struggling to find the perfect template, to try it.

It is difficult to create your own blogger template even if you have your own WYSIWYU editor because you have to follow the blogger HTML coding for your template to work.

The current blogger themes and layouts are also good but it is also difficult to customize them. I do not understand most of the CSS/HTML codes they used and whenever I try to customize it in the design options I have difficulty matching the text and layout colours to what I want, always too dark and cannot be seen clearly or too bright and clashing to the eyes.


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