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101 With a Terror Attack …..Part II

….continuation from the previous post.

The first time we (Kenya) fell victims of a terror attack targeted to the Americans was in 1998 when the terrorists hit US embassy in Nairobi Kenya. At that time the embassy was one of the many offices in the building. Unlike now the embassy is on its own building and compound with a very tight security. When the attack happened, it was so surreal because I had never heard of any bomb attack in the soils of my country, only what we used see in the television and movies and never thought  it could happen to us.

When we later on learned that it was targeted to the Americans, it didn't make sense
to me because there were way more Kenyans in that building than Americans. I remember saying if they wanted the Americans then why don't they go to the US? You know, a normal reaction of patriotism. Of course I do not wish for anyone to fall victim of a terror attack. I'm anti-violence of any kind.

I believe that once you think it's okay to kill or you have killed someone, then you are not a normal person and you are changed forever. Anyone who participate in war voluntarily is on a suicide mission, there are no heroes or villains. When you prepare to go out on a revenge mission, you always dig 2 graves. Look at all the psychological problems the retired US military deployed in war torn zones undergo.

I saw this quote somewhere and totally concur with it "There are no winners after a war, only survivors".


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