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Migrating to the US/Europe: Is the Grass Really Greener?

It is so sad to see everyday the number of Mexicans trying to illegally cross the US border in very dangerous conditions. Even after they cross successfully, they are faced with the big desert in Arizona and they have to go for days without water or food. Few of them make it but those who do not, they die as a result of starvation and dehydration and the remains of their bodies are discovered later by the police. What an awful way to die, very sad.

I always wonder if it is worth all that risk. I mean if you cannot qualify to enter US in the right legal way, what makes you think you can live there? How are you going to survive? Where are you going to live? Get money for food, job? The people from Mexico don’t even
speak English and most of those who decide to take this illegal border crossing, did not even go to school. I always ask myself how they think they are going to make it in the US.

Most of them end up homeless living in the streets in pathetic conditions or overcrowded in one house. Because they don’t have any professional qualifications, they end up in illegal drugs and business activities as a way of supporting themselves.

Back in Kenya we also have such people who did not go to school, but there dream is one day to make it to the western world, the Promised Land. How are you going to survive there? They have no plans of going to school or college they just want to be in the west and they think just by being in Europe or the US their problems will disappear.

You cannot blame them; we see everyday in the media the contrast of lifestyles in the third world countries and the developed ones. The reaction of the people when they come to Africa is they cannot believe the level of poverty. What we see in the media is that everyone from the western world is rich, whether they have jobs or not, their countries take care of them and who wouldn’t want to live there?

People are unaware that even in the developed world countries you have to work hard, nothing comes with a silver spoon. There is racism especially in the US, so many people are homeless and the recession skyrocketed the number. Going for food stamps? Who would like to be seen so poor and not being able to support himself? They don’t even know there’s a country called Kenya, so it’s not easy to get a job with your Kenyan university degree or masters. You only have to miss 2 pay checks/cheques to be homeless.

Those from third world countries, who end up living in the west, don’t tell the truth to their friends and family. Even if things are difficult for them and maybe at one time faced with the choice of either going back to their home countries or become homeless then they would choose the later because of the shame of being from the west and not being able to make it but go back home penniless.

You cannot blame the officials at the embassies for denying you a visa, they are actually saving you. If you have a good job and your future looks bright in your home country, then stay there, life is way easier home. You should go abroad for further studies if you can afford it or a plan to start your own business, or maybe a pre-promised job if that is even possible.

Would really appreciate more input from others about how difficult life could be in the west.


  1. I am an American that is thinking of going back to live overseas. I have spent time living in Mexico, Bolivia and India. I honestly think American Society is disintegrating. It is really sad.

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