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Everything was Just a Click Away?

Did you know that you just need to subscribe to FeedBurner, a service that is already available for you if you have a Google account to get your visitor’s counter statistics? Few days after I published my blog, I realized other blogs have visitor’s counter. I got excited and I wanted to have one because that it’s the best way to know that people are reading your blog.

I started looking for the gadget online and found so many, visitor’s counter, geo or neo counter to name a few, but I wanted a fancy one. I made a mistake of not reading fully the terms and conditions. I just assumed that because there is a link of the source website
that is visible and accessible by everyone who opens my blog then it is some sort of advertisement for their website thus it is free to me by all means.

On the 11th day after installing it, I was surprised to see a disgusting line scrolling right in the middle of the gadget saying that I have 4 days before my free subscription will be terminated. That was so annoying and I was wondering for how long this line was scrolling and how it portrayed my page to my viewers. Disappointed, I just deleted it.

I was on the web again looking for a new gadget, a simple one. Found it but after few days it displayed error message. Restarted it again but same thing happened after a few days over and over again. Frustrated, I removed it.

For me it is a must to have a visitor counter to know if anyone is actually reading what you are writing and from where. I continued searching and found the one I have currently. This time I read all the terms and conditions before using it but unfortunately all my previous statistics were unrecoverable.

Finally, just a few days ago I realized I have a feed burner account, still not very conversant about it. All I had to do was to log into my account to activate all kinds of feeds including the visitor’s counter.

In fact it gives you more details than you could ask for, everything from what topics are being read, how many times and from which country. There is also a world map showing all the activities in different places from your blog.

I somehow felt stupid, you know, I was searching and looking very far when everything was just a click away. If you are a FeedBurner subscriber, you should just go to Google FeedBurner, log in, read and activate the services you are interested in.

If you not a FeedBurner subscriber, you should subscribe today. If you already have a Google account, just go to ‘my account’ settings and look at your ‘my products’ and you will find FeedBurner. If it is not there just click more under ‘try something new’.

Do you know more about FeedBurner and don’t mind sharing?


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