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Tourism in Kenya

As I was writing the article about National Parks and Wildlife Reserves, I felt the need to link Kenya wildlife so I went to the Kenya Wildlife Services website. (I did not want to link any private website because I’m not promoting any particular company; it is just a general topic). The website is so plain and boring. This should be the most colorful and lively website full of all the marine park and wildlife photos which I saw in the list provided that is quite long than I expected. The Ministry of Tourism website is like an old page plucked from the early 80’s magazine.

It’s funny how my country expects to attract more tourists by not
even utilizing the cheapest and easiest ways of all; internet. It is the 21st century, why isn’t the Kenya Tourism Board or Ministry of Tourism visiting other countries tourism websites and have an idea on what to do with their website? The website should be able to sell itself. Instead if any potential tourist goes to those websites, they would not see anything attractive.

Also I cannot see the masai photos anymore, nothing personal against them, but we have 40 tribes in Kenya and masai is just one of them, where are the other tribes?

The first time I googled about Belize I was mesmerized by the beauty. I could not wait to be here, the articles, photos and videos so beautiful and anyone who sees them would be attracted to come to this country. In Kenya, we have beautiful white sandy beaches, beautiful marine parks and national parks that are properly advertised.

I think it is time for Kenya politicians to wake up , be selfless and work for the good benefit of the country as a whole. Ministry of tourism should upgrade their websites and bring them to the 21st century. We want the world to see how really beautiful Kenya is, the Kenya that I as a Kenyan sees it.


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