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Eating Manners Taught by my Parents

We eat three times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner in the evening.

We must drink water after eating.

Do not eat or drink while walking, standing, resting or leaning against anything. Must be sited upright.

Do not talk while eating (with food in your mouth).

You must stand up from the table immediately after eating.

You eat the food in front of you or in front of your plate first, you cannot start eating food from the back of your plate.

Do not eat very hot food; wait for it to cool down a bit. It is
believed that if you eat very hot food then you end up eating a lot.

Do not blow hot food, which I always wondered why until I learned in school that we breathe out carbon dioxide.

Food must always be covered; you only open your plate when you are ready to eat. Any food remaining in the kitchen must be covered whether you’ll place it in the fridge or not.

Do not step on food, kick it or use it as a toy (e.g. using an orange fruit as a ball) whatsoever, even if it is rotten or fallen down from your plate while eating. Food must be appreciated and respected, because there is someone out there who wishes could have this food that you are using as a toy or that has fallen down your plate to eat. Any food dropping down from your plate must be picked by hand or paper (or a broom used to collect food only) and disposed off properly.

If you have any leftovers which you know you will not be eating, take that food immediately to someone who is need instead of letting it rot or throwing it way.

Do not yell or shout at anyone at the table or engage in a serious conversation, you have to wait until eating time is over. My grandmother believes that when you engage in a serious conversation, shout or yell at someone at the time of eating, both of you focus on the conversation and the hurt the conversation is causing and you just end up eating unconsciously and not enjoying the food.

You must wash hands before and after eating because we eat with our hands. We are so used to this habit that even if we use a fork we can’t help it but wash our hands first.

You cannot pick up food and eat it while just walking around the house you have to decide if you want to eat, then you make yourself a plate and sit down and eat.

After eating the main dish whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner you must make sure that you are full because you cannot go back to the kitchen after a half or one hour looking for food again until next meal.

There are no snacks stored in the house.

You cannot wake up at night looking for food to eat.


  1. Greenlava said...:

    Hey our parents think alike :)
    "Food must be appreciated and respected" summed it all.
    It was shocking to me to see food used as a tool for a joke (pie in the face?) in American tv programs, while at the same time people are starving in many parts the world.

  1. Dirishani said...:

    It was and still shocking to me to see them trashing the big cakes looking for an object hidden in it, it is actually painful for me to watch. Hey I'm a big fan of one your blogs, it's even in my blog list and thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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