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Reliving a Day from a Past Life

Have you ever lived a day and as the events keep on unfolding they remind you of similar events happening exactly the same way in some day before in the past? You seem not to remember exactly when but you know that a day with the same pattern of events had happened before in your life.

I had that experience when I was young, in my early teens. I don't remember precisely what happened during that day but I couldn't shake off the feeling of why I am reliving that day. I did not tell anyone except for now and I wonder if there are other people (I'm sure there are) who have had such experiences.

I was young so did not bother taking so much account of the events of the day. The feeling of weirdness took over me, I was confused.
In my mind I knew that I had already lived a day like that before. Although I could not tell what was going to happen next, I only seem to remember the events as they unravel like they did in the same manner before.

At that time, I did not in any way thought that this could have been a day in my past life, was too young for me to contemplate that. I was so sure this day had happened maybe when I was young (between the ages of 3 to 5 years) and was trying very hard to remember when it happened and how it is possible to have two days in my life with very similar events. I was also asking myself if this day happened when I was young then how come I seem to recall only this day.

As I became older and started to understand things better, I realised this could have been a day in my past life. I don't believe and I still have a problem believing and admitting that I might have lived before.


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