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Maya Ruins in Belize

There are more ancient structures in Belize than modern ones. So many more are yet to be discovered and excavated, especially considering that Belize is below sea level. It is also said that there was a time when the population of this country was at least one million considering the current 300,000 only. I still wonder what happened here during the ancient times that wiped out almost all the population.

El-Castillo Pyramid in Xunantunich one of Belize archeological sites has a height of 130ft/40m high. I read everywhere on the internet that it is the second tallest Mayan structure in Belize and I tried to look for the first tallest but could not find any. Could be Lamanai, it looks very tall to me.

These structures make me believe the best architects died with all their knowledge without passing it on. Otherwise we would not be surprised and perplexed at how people during those times were able to build such complex structures with hands and simple tools, they did not have the machinery we have now. Despite living half the world away from each other and having no means of communication, archeologists are stunned with the similarities of the architectural designs of Maya ruins and the Egyptian pyramids.


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