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In Belize or USA

I'm in Belize but most of my posts give reference to the USA, wonder why? As a non-Belizean I see that everything is Americanized here (meaning done the USA ways). Although people from Belize don't even refer to themselves as Americans and don't say God bless America when they mean God bless Belize. It looks like the perfect way of life for a Belizean is the United States way.

The main reason is the media and we know how powerful media is in changing people's way of life. 99% of manufactured products in this country comes from US including food and the clothes. Almost all the TV channels are United States channels. We see more than 120 channels via cable and at least 100 are USA channels.

Most people here dream of going to the US, it's like being in the US
is the solution to all of their problems . I know a few who have no interest of going to the US only to learn later that they have been there before and realize that life is not so easy, others have committed crimes and were deported back to Belize. It also looks like everyone here has a relative living in the US, I wonder if there are more Belizeans in the US than in Belize.

Everything is a copycat of the US, the way people dress, talk, behave. I was surprised one time I was in a Taxi and we were almost in an accident with another car, no words were spoken by either driver except the 'F' word and they were all showing each other the middle finger. I'm curious to know how they would communicate if one day they were told not to use the 'F' word and the middle finger.

Sometimes I even think I am in a way in the US and I have asked myself several times 'I wonder why Belize cannot be one of the  United States' state. Actually it is already, they just have to make it official.


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