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Papers vs Integrity

Some people believe that as long as you don’t have a paper qualification whether it’s a certificate, degree or diploma, then you are not qualified for the job no matter how much experience you have. Or others think that your high school grades actually determine the future path of your career.

The worse thing would be if one of those people is your parent or guardian and they make it very clear that they know what is best for you and they are not going to waste money on areas which they are so sure that you will not succeed. So you either have to do things their way or no way or maybe your way if you can finance yourself. That will be almost impossible especially right after finishing
high school; you have no money and high expectations in life. It is a nightmare and frustrating to watch someone crashing your dreams.

Some bosses really insist on paper qualifications and it does not matter how much experience the candidate has they refuse to even have an interview because in their mind if you don’t have the papers, how can you do the work? I believe such people need more experience in life and wider lenses to see the world differently.

Others believe that because they have that diploma or degree which you don’t have, then there is nothing you can teach them. It’s you who can learn from them and never the other way round. They are so arrogant and their ego denies them the chance to learn even when knowledge is right in front of them. They should know that there is life beyond the horizon. Even a day old baby can teach you something new.

All the inventors in the 19th and early 20th century did not have any formal education and are still the greatest inventors to this day. We have so many professors who have not invented anything, it is not even in their to do list. Somehow the knowledge they acquired conditioned and narrowed their mind. We just need brains; education only enhances and polishes our brains.

I was surprised of what I could do when I pushed myself beyond my paper qualifications. I also realize so many things don’t need papers; just brains. There are so many alternative resources available to acquire knowledge and information.  I’m not saying that people should not go to college but they should not limit their capabilities to only what they learn in college.

No one has a right tell you ‘you cannot do it’ because you can, just be persistent.

Like now as I’m writing this article, I have no idea what I’m going to write in the next one. I’m not even thinking or worried about the next topic because I know there will be next topic.


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