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Good Luck Emails

Have you ever received those emails or messages that threatens you either at the beginning or end that you must forward to certain number of people or all your friends and if you don’t something bad will happen to you? Or even worse gives you an example of some bad luck that struck previous people when they deleted the email after reading before forwarding it? I find these emails to be very offensive and after receiving them and forwarding them myself for sometime I decided to break the chain.

I thought, first of all, why would anyone send me an email that promises to bring me bad luck or threatens me? And I said to myself it is just an aggressive way of popularizing a silly idea. Someone has found a way of threatening people whom they don’t even know and
have not even met and funny enough people feel threatened and feel obligated to forward them. Do you really let someone whom you don’t even know take control of your mind, manipulate you? You don’t believe that something bad will happen to you but deep down, forwarding it somehow gives you relief. I think it is time stop the chain.

I stopped forwarding such emails years ago. Since you started forwarding these emails, have you really had any good luck or suddenly have a box of money dropping in your living room from heaven? No. These emails don’t give you any good luck, they are just a waste of time and passing them is threatening someone else and wishing them bad luck just to avoid it yourself.

In future if you receive such an email, break the chain by either not forwarding or deleting it completely. If you must forward the email then delete those threatening segments. If the bad luck warning starts at the beginning of the email just stop reading it and delete it completely.

We send emails or messages to inspire and put smiles on people but not to threaten them and wish them bad luck. Break the chain and stop the circulation Please, nothing bad will happen; in fact you would be doing something positive to your friends.

What do you normally do when you receive good luck emails?


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