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Is Emotional Energy Transferable?

Do you believe that emotional energy is transferable verbally and written? It’s not only human energy but from my experience almost everything in the world has energy and it always affects us. For instance the picture of Belize River in my blog I posted earlier, I remember very well how I felt when I was there. It was like everything else around me stopped and the river was speaking to me. It was so calm so beautiful so peaceful and after staring deeply I also had the same calm feeling. When I took that photo the energy was also captured and is now transferred to whoever looks at it.

So what is it about this energy? Something that is intangible, something that is possessed by both living and the non living (so we think) like the sea?
This energy is not only infectious verbally but can be felt long after the source had left, for instance in writing. Reading someone’s writing you can vividly feel the energy the person had when they were writing. It is clear that energy is passed on and left on the writings and it is transferred to whoever reads it. That is powerful!

We have no control over what energy to absorb because we are like a sponge just sucking in whatever is presented to us but we have the control over what to do with the energy; either to pass it own or relinquish it with a positive one.

All the emotional energy created is tremendously powerful and should be put in good use. Any energy that you give out is taken in by someone or something else without our realization. So next time before you post that angry comment on a board you should know that the negative energy stays there and gets absorbed by everyone reading it; some get angry just like you were and some feel sorry for you.

What is your purpose in life if all you do is try to make other people’s life miserable?


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