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Life is full of surprises and does not stop to amaze me, just when you think you've seen the worse, you get a new bigger surprise. I wonder what is next for me.

It is very funny that when growing up, you are always surrounded with the people you love and you assume they love you too whether its your immediate family members, friends or colleagues. But you will know who your real friends are when you become blessed and your life changes for better (maybe you get a better job or decided to go to college to improve you professional skills or hit a jackpot) and you are surprise to see that not everyone wants to celebrate with you. Some people's selfishness is revealed by their way of showing that they are not ready to have that kind of 'new you' in their life.

Your life could also change for the worse; could be loosing your job, financial instability or other forms of misfortunes and all your fake family members and friends will be dispersed.

I got those reactions from people I least expected and was surprised. How can anyone live happily by putting or seeing other people in misery? Such people try very hard to show others that they are happy and in charge of their lives when they know that deep down they are not. They are as miserable as the ones they enjoy seeing in misery or maybe think they are.

Such people are Posers. They feel good to see others in the same pain as they are and somehow that gives them twisted and temporary satisfaction.


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